The Blossoming of Lotus Cruises

Lotus Cruises proudly adopted the name of this national emblem which like the people of Vietnam and Cambodia faced a challenge of parallels, enduring impossible conditions and long-lasting effects of war, to survive, evolve and flourish in their culture and economy. We look into the background and history behind Lotus to share a story of initiative, family unity and growing success with ambition to offer world-class luxury cruises on the Mekong.


Mekong Navigator

Mekong Jewel


Lotus Cruises offer unrivalled luxury, encapsulating everything there is to love about Vietnam and Cambodia and without doubt the ultimate leader in authentic river expeditions in Southeast Asia. Curious to discover the history behind this continually emerging company, we researched the extraordinary tale of Mme Diep Ngoc Le who is at the heart of Lotus Cruises and mother to two Directors of the company. She started her career as a curtain seamstress to the rich families of Saigon. Her creativity and ambition to preserve the artistic features of colonial Saigon inspired her to design a unique range of curtains with traditional designs. She often took her children to the beautiful colonial villas in Saigon to show them the rich heritage of her nostalgic designs.

As the economy of Vietnam began to flourish, Mme Le and her family ventured into real-estate and shipping, creating Binh An Shipping, which 20 years on is still the only private family-owned company in Vietnam that builds and operates their own fleet of luxury river cruisers, tug boats, offshore supporting vessels and ferries throughout Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Mme Le was the leading light in the creation of the interior design, furniture, uniforms and dining room theme of their first river cruise ship, the Mekong Navigator. As protectors of their environment, the family have implemented sustainable practices in the construction of their latest ship “The Mekong Jewel” such as specially designed ship propellers to enhance performance and efficiency, installation of energy efficient LED lighting and automatic water-cooled air conditioning, being more efficient than its air-cooled alternative. With more than 20 years’ experience in the maritime industry backed by a top team of professional engineers, Lotus Cruises offer a level of reliability, inclusiveness, luxury and unmatched value on one of the most culturally rich and fascinating rivers of the world. Mme Le gave the name Lotus to her treasured cruise line, reflecting her appreciation of the lotus spirit.


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