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For eons, the Ganges has been part of the seeker’s quest for transcendence, the living metaphor of plenitude, scarcity, eternity and change. Perhaps it is the paradox of water's fluidity and as well as its constancy that has allowed the Ganges to be a space that encompasses the diversity of human existence. Like countless others, the founder of Heritage River Journeys, Raj Singh, also a renowned authority on Indian wildlife and a travel industry pioneer, came to the banks of the river seeking adventure, fortune and fame. Now, Raj Singh and his team are dedicated to bringing others to sail on the Ganges in peace and splendour. For each person, the cruise experience offers fresh encounters with an ancient landscape.

Each of the Heritage River Journeys ships is of late Mughal, British Colonial or Art Deco design, having a sense of retrospective luxuriousness with contemporary technological and environmental consciousness. Each of the vessels has sumptuous Indian textiles, a spa, a boutique stocked with Indian craft and textiles, expert and hospitable staff and fresh, delicious European and Indian cuisine.

The company is responsible in its operations and has so far managed to introduce procedures to protect the pristine environments. Heritage River Journeys supported the foundation of the Green Village Zero Rubbish Project, as well as the annual participation in WTM Responsible Tourism Activities. The company is involved in education projects through Calcutta Rescue and Tiljala Shed, two NGOs which work with vulnerable children and their families.


The Fleet


Ganges Voyager and Ganges Voyager II

Since 2009, Ganges Voyager and Ganges Voyager II have been award-winning river cruisers. With 28 cabins, a dining room, a bar, a spa, and a viewing deck, the ships offer you a distinct experience. There is ample space on the cruise ship giving many options to relax and simply enjoy the views. Lounge at the bar, or enjoy a sumptuous buffet at the dining area, snooze on the sun deck or luxuriate in a relaxing massage at the spa. Ganges Voyager and Ganges Voyager II offer 8-day cruises on the Ganges, starting and ending at Kolkata.

Guests capacity: 56
Crew onboard: 35

5 suites, 23 staterooms

Ship Exterior2_small.jpg

RV Bengal Ganga

The Bengal Ganga is a colonial ship, built in the year 2004. It is a replica of the luxury ships that were used by a succession of important officials and celebrities of the day, most notably by the Viceroys of India and the Prince of Wales. With ample space, all our ships are designed to offer a lavish experience equivalent to that of a boutique luxury hotel. There is a 12 day upstream itinerary, that includes 3 nights hotel accommodation and a 9 day downstream itinerary. There are also 8 day roundtrip itineraries.

Guests capacity: 56
Crew onboard: 35

2 suites, 26 staterooms


Ganga Vilas

To be launched in 2020, Ganga Vilas will be the new luxury river cruise vessel with 18 suites and superlative facilities. It blends heritage and modern amenities with minimalist designs, and redefines the boutique experience on water. Its 40-seat restaurant, located on the Main Deck, serves Continental and Indian delicacies. The al fresco ambience of the Upper Deck features a bar where you can simply lounge with your friends or enjoy your favourite drink. There is also an area with comfortable deck chairs to sunbathe and a well-appointed spa with professional therapists.


Nauka Vilas

After the success of their other luxury cruises, Heritage River Journeys are all set to launch Nauka Vilas, an elegant wooden ship to offer travellers the most exquisite experience of romance. This most anticipated cruise vessel will be launched in 2019. It consists of just one luxury suite for one couple served by 8 crew members onboard. Nauka Vilas is set to be the most exquisite experience of romance and luxury in India.



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