Your Private Jet

A special flight

Air Cruise Collection use a VIP model Boeing 737-700 or 737-500. Normally this aircraft has more than 160 economy class seats. For the air cruise, these seats have been replaced by 54 very comfortable business class seats with only window or aisle seats available. Meals, drinks and services are business class quality. The itineraries are designed to only fly during the day. Where possible, VIP treatment at the airport is organised, so no long queues at customs and security.

The aircraft will have the same crew throughout the entire course of the air cruise. The air cruise will be led by two experienced tour managers.

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Details of your aircraft

28.88 m

31-33 m

11.1 m

Cruising speed:
800 km/h

Maximum range:
5180 km

Maximum altitude:
11,000 m

Maximum take-off weight:
56,450-63,300 kg

Maximum landing weight:
51,700-52,550 kg

Fuel capacity:
23,830 litres

Fuel consumption:
2,600 kg per hour.


For more information
please contact:

Marco Rosa
Mobile +44 7973 876967